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Whether you’re looking for a straightforward dog bicycle trailer, a two-in-one product that can be employed in extra ways – such as a stroller or jogger – or a dog bicycle basket, we should be able to help you find it on our pages. We list an ever-changing array of trailers, 2-in-1s and baskets which should cover all owners’ and pets’ needs!


Schwinn have released a new product in the wake of their very popular and successful ‘Rascal’ trailers which we liked very much. This one is aimed at the larger hounds out there and can hold up to 100 lbs. It comes with all the usual stuff you’d expect to be included with a pet trailer plus another few features which aren’t always standard such as a loading brake, pneumatic tyres and washable liner. Judging by past performance, this may be a serious one to consider in the future!


For those looking to transport a single very large hound or several small pooches, this Hercules Stroller is worth taking a look at. Built around a tubular steel frame it can safely transport 110lbs of canine passengers upon spoked pneumatic tires and a 360 degree front swivel wheel. Despite its size it’s a lightweight product, coming in at just 33lbs, and it folds flat quickly with the quick-release wheels helping the process further. The reviews are very good so far and so if you need a very large dog stroller this could be the solution.


We don’t know how long this offer will last but this small trailer for dogs currently comes with a free pet carrier which a nice little bonus! The trailer itself is of a standard design but built well with a steel frame cabin chassis covered with good 600D Oxford cloth. What’s more is that the trailer is one of the cheapest out there on the market. This fact coupled with the nice free carrier, for those who would like one, make this a very tempting proposition!


The extremely popular Rascal from Schwinn is now available in a nice light blue color scheme. With the same great design, but this time offering an alternative to the original vivid yellow, this small dog trailer, which can carry pets up to 50lbs in weight, is already receiving similarly good reviews to those of its older counterpart. The Schwinn currently tops our Top 10 Dog Trailer chart and we believe that this new version will only continue to cement its position.


A choice of designs are included in this cheap and cheerful range of baskets which a proving quite popular at this time. The colorful baskets are built from a waterproof fabric and supported by a lightweight aluminum frame which is simply clamped to a suitably-sized bike’s handlebar. A drawstring canopy is included along with extra pockets. Maybe not the absolute pinnacle in dog bike basket design, but an affordable option which is suitable for well-behaved small pets.


This is the latest addition to our kids’ trailer page – products that some people also successfully use as pet trailers with a little modification here and there. The Burley Bee is undoubtedly one of the most popular child trailers on the market – oozing quality throughout its design and build. Amongst other things, the Bee includes button-release wheels, a double harness and a roll cage. Lots and lots of fantastic reviews for this one!

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We’ve updated our top ten dog bike trailers chart and a new entry has hit the number one spot! The Schwinn Rascal dog trailer has outperformed all others on our humble little website, becoming our bestseller by far whilst also achieving fantastic reviews and popularity on sites like Amazon. Not bad for a little trailer we first featured only a couple of months back! Take a look at the chart yourself and see all the rest of the competition… Top Ten Dog Bike Trailers


For those owners that enjoy the dedicated company of their pets, and for those that have, or who are seeking, more active lifestyles, a dog bicycle trailer is a fantastic purchase to help promote more quality time together. Whether dog and owner partake in quick local cycling excursions with one another, or aim for bigger adventures well off the beaten track, it’s amazing how much a simple bike and trailer combination can enhance the travels of their respective riders. The partners are free from the stuffy confines of a car and aren’t limited by the strict courses the roads dictate. Sure – things may take longer to get from A to B – but the journey together can, and should be, as enjoyable as the destination itself! Just imagine a long journey – just you and your faithful, four-legged friend – cycling out to pastures new, away from the noise, away from the pollution and away from all the busyness. And as you pedal into the peace and quiet, towing the happy weight in the trailer just behind you, you might take time to reflect on what a great team you are! Of course, another benefit of transporting yourself and your pet in this way is that it’s far more environmentally friendly than traveling by car: a few basic rations are all that’s needed for the pilot and passenger to keep going – a dog bicycle trailer doesn’t need any gas! And it only seems right that, if you decide to travel to some pleasant natural area with your furry friend, your journey should be as pollution-free as possible. And as well as keeping the local environment healthy, yet another benefit of a dog bike trailer is that it will help to keep the cyclist in better shape too! We know that cycling is good exercise in itself but, with a little extra wagging weight to be pulled along, it can only help to burn off a few more calories and tone up those muscles a little more. But it’s unlikely to feel like hard work – barring big dogs on steep hills! – it’ll more than likely just feel like fun. But if the going does get tough, just stop and take a break. After all, you will have the freedom to do so!


This is a brief overview on the function and workings of a bicycle trailer. More specific information is given for each particular item on our product pages. To all intents and purposes we have divided the site in half, focusing mainly on typical dog bicycle trailers and hybrid convertible dog strollers. What we call ‘hybrid strollers’ are, in basic terms, dog strollers that can also be used as trailers and vice versa. Usually this is achieved by the simple removal or repositioning of a wheel and the inclusion/exclusion of a tow bar. Obviously, a hybrid trailer is, therefore, two dog products rolled into one! Dog trailers and strollers may all look pretty similar but there are differences between makes that are well worth considering. The materials used are key factors as they may affect durability and/or a dog’s comfort. Maximum carrying weight and dimensions are equally important things to think about – no matter how good a product is, it’s useless if it’s not big enough for your pet! On top of these things there are many other aspects to ponder before deciding to buy an item. Does the dog trailer have suspension and, if so, is it any good? Is the canopy waterproof and does it include enough mesh or openings for good ventilation? Does it include a safety leash to secure your dog whilst traveling or a safety flag for more visibility when out on the roads? Does the design fold down for storage and if it’s a hybrid, is it easy and quick to convert? As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. On our product pages, however, we aim to quickly and clearly detail the pros and cons about each individual trailer we list. We also include a star-rating system which reflects the reviews of previous customers as well as our own opinions on each item.


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