Small Dog 2in1 Trailers

2-in-1 Dog Trailers for Small to Medium-sized Dogs

These pages concentrate on hybrid dog trailers for small to medium-sized dogs. We class a hybrid product as one that it designed to be converted easily into a dog bicycle trailer (and vice versa) without any additional expense. This effectively means that the items here offer two dog transport options for the price of one!

Latest Addition…

Convertible Dog Trailer Selectionchoice of dog trailers

  • Max. Weight: 88lbs
  • Size: (interior) 30.7″ x 23″ x 21.5″
  • Materials: 600D Oxford on steel frame

An interesting little selection of 2-in-1 trailers from ‘BuyHive’ which currently comprises of three slightly differing designs – all at good prices! They are each based around a steel frame which supports a 600D Oxford cloth canopy. Each of the designs come equipped with the usual accessories, including all you need for conversion to stroller to trailer and vice-versa, and though they don’t offer some of the whistles and bells of some of the more expensive pet carriers out there, they perform their tasks quite well. (It’s worth noting that the yellow version (pictured) doesn’t seem to offer the suspension of the other two.) If a basic convertible trailer is all you’re looking for then it might be worth checking these designs out. It very much comes down to the amount of use you and your pet intend to make of your new vehicle. For occasional journeys then all is well, but for regular trips it may be worth spending a little extra on one of the more established brands. Reviews are fairly good at the time of writing.

Stroller / Trailer for Small Dogssmall dog stroller and trailer

  • Max. Weight: 20lbs
  • Size: (interior) 21″ x 15″ x 14″
  • Materials: mesh on lightweight frame

This Booyah trailer / stroller is available in three bright colors and, as the title suggests, it is definitely one for small dogs and puppies only. See the interior size (bear in mind there is an opening at the front and a sunroof which do offer more room to manoeuvre) and weight capacity above to be sure that your pet will fit before ordering. The stroller comes with all you need to convert it into a trailer and vice versa. As a stroller, the handlebar height is 36” and has a front wheel of 10”. The rear wheels are a fair 16” and are quick-release with just the push of a button(s). Included on/in the cabin are reflectors, a safety flag and safety leash. The whole design, for such a compact product, is bright and cheerful. It’s lightweight, as you might expect, and it folds down easily. Predominantly good reviews thus far!

Aosom Elite Jraosom elite junior trailer stroller

  • Max. Weight: 44lbs
  • Size: (interior) 23.25″ x 17″ x 20.5″
  • Materials: polyester on steel frame

This combined trailer and stroller from Aosom is a popular product for smaller pets. Quick release wheels (12”) support the cabin which is built around a sturdy steel frame which, in turn, holds up a heavy duty polyester shell which houses a good amount of mesh as well as a weather shield. The cabin can be entered either from the front or back and is easy to erect and fold down when not in use. When in stroller mode a 7” front swivel wheel is employed along with a comfortable padded handlebar. Also included is a type “A” bicycle hitch, a safety flag and a 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty. The Elite Jr is a smart little design that functions well as both as a dog trailer or stroller. Good reviews received!

Combined Pet Trailer and Strollerdog trailer and stroller combination
45 star
Max. Weight: 50lbs
Size: (interior) 28″ x 18″ x 25″
Materials: water-repellent nylon and mesh
(Please note: we’ve based this review on the former ‘PetZip’ version of this trailer which was identical but with a different badge.) This is certainly an unorthodox-looking combined trailer and stroller – but it’s certainly popular! Many two-in-one products seem to have more trailer DNA in them than stroller, but this ‘Ibiyaya’ design definitely veers towards the latter in its design and looks. It should be noted that almost all previous customers employed the product as a stroller, but it does come complete with a bike hitch (plus flag) and, therefore, is listed upon our hybrid pages. The cabin itself comes with both front and rear entrances plus a sunroof and a removable handlebar. Its comparatively tall and thin dimensions allow for plenty of mesh to be incorporated (the front mesh panel can be completely removed if wanted). Inside, three tether clips are available to secure your dog, as well as a sturdy floor. The Chassis sits upon 20” air-filled rear wheels and a front swivel wheel for when strolling. Other features include a rear storage pocket, reflective stripes and reflectors as well as a safety brake system at the rear. Sitting on the strong cabin floor is a removable and machine-washable pad and, as a bonus, the product comes with a rain and/or dust cover. With quick release wheels and an efficient folding mechanism the trailer / stroller can be flattened down to a good size for storage. The Ibiyaya comes in at a fair price and so long as it performs as well as its aforementioned rebadged cousin – the PetZip – we’re confident it will do well!

Mdog2 Small Dog Stroller / Trailerconvertible dog trailers

  • Max. Weight: 55lbs
  • Size: (interior) 23.2″ x 21.7″ x 20.5″
  • Materials: 600D polyester on metal frame

This convertible stroller from Mdog2 seems to be inspired to a large extent by the ‘Aosom Elite Jr’ also found on this page. The basic design is almost identical with just the dimensions and weight-bearing capacity differing – both slightly greater for the Mdog. The rear wheels are 12” in diameter, air-filled and quick release. The front swivel wheel is 6” (slightly smaller than the Aosom) and, of course, can be removed when trailer mode is required. The cabin is built from a 600D polyester with embedded mesh windows. Two zippered openings, front and back, hold more mesh and the former also comes with a PVC weather shield. The whole cabin sits upon a solid PE base and converts between stroller and trailer quite easily as well as folding down altogether when not in use. This Mdog also comes with a bike hitch, safety flag and leash attachment. Early reviews are good but be sure to check out the aforementioned ‘Aosom Elite Jr’ if you like the look the look of this product.

Sepnin Dog Stroller / Trailersepnin convertibile stroller

  • Max. Weight: 55lbs
  • Size: (interior) 26.77″ x 17.13″ x 19.69″
  • Materials: mesh on steel frame

This Sepnin stroller come trailer has a quirky look about it which may not appeal to everyone. That said, it’s a very affordable 2-in-1 design that comes with a good amount of nice little extras such as a pet cushion, an adjustable safety leash, a safety flag and reflectors – as well as a choice of colors. Built around a steel frame and PE board, the cabin possesses a fair amount of mesh and weather shields. It sits upon 16” rear wheels and a front, 6” swivel wheel, and the tow bar, for trailer use, sits folded neatly away underneath it. As stated above the maximum weight capacity is 55 lbs although, due to the small scale of the cabin, we feel that it’s probably better suited to even smaller dogs in general. Overall, however, this is a neat, little but sturdy product and you like the look of it, it’s well worth considering for your diminutive pet! Reviews are very good at the time of writing!

Doggyhut Medium Jogger / Trailerdoggyride jogger

  • Max. Weight: 55lbs
  • Size: (interior) 27″ x 17″ x 20″
  • Materials: 600D polyester on powder coated steel frame

This is the popular Doggyhut trailer (which we’ve already featured on our trailers pages). This is the medium-sized version (the bigger version is available on the ‘Large Dog Strollers’ page) and, of course, has the stroller parts included. It’s well built with a powder coated steel frame at its core which is wrapped in a heavy duty 600D polyester and mesh. It also has an anti-slip rubber floor and a safety leash inside, and all can be folded down to just 9 inches thick when not in use for storage or for transportation. A zipped rear door provides entry whilst the front opening has a dual zippered mesh and vinyl screen system to combat inclement weather conditions. The cabin sits comfortably upon 16” pneumatic tires and has reflectors and a flag for extra visibility. A universal bike hitch is also included. Like the aforementioned trailer-only version, this 2-in-1 design is popular too with many good reviews. A very product for the price!

Booyah Medium Pet Stroller / Trailerbooyah trailer

  • Max. Weight: 60lbs (40lbs realistically for dogs)
  • Size: (interior) 26″ x 18″ x 18″
  • Materials: mesh on lightweight frame

This is from the same range of convertible strollers as the small version further up this page. This larger version follows roughly the same design but with a few changes to cater for the extra size and weight of bigger pets. One important thing to note is that even though there is a 60lb Max. weight on the product, Booyah points out that although your pet may weigh less than that, the inner dimensions (see above) may be too restrictive for some – so be sure to check! The product, like its smaller counterpart, comes with all you need for conversions between dog trailer and stroller. For the stroller it has a 12” pneumatic swivel wheel and an adjustable, quick-release handlebar. 16” quick-release wheels and suspension bring up the rear and comfortably carry the cabin along which is liberally spattered with reflectors and stripes as well as coming with a safety flag and leash. Other extras include a bike hitch, pockets and a removable inside cushion for added comfort (even more accessories are available to buy separately). This Booyah design is nice and bright with reviews to match at the time of writing!

Sepnin 2-in-1buy sepnin dog bike trailer stroller crate

  • Max. Weight: 66lbs
  • Size: (interior) 26.77″ x 17.1″ x 20″
  • Materials: mesh/vinyl on steel frame

This Sepnin 2-in-1 is available in several different color schemes, at the time of writing, along with a few alternate designs which may differ from that pictured. When used as a stroller/jogger the cushioned handlebar can be adjusted for height and, obviously, a front wheel is added. The cabin has a good amount of mesh and benefits from having both a front and rear weather screen. Another plus is suspension for smooth running! It’s early days as far as reviews go for the 2-in-1 but we are quietly confident – going by Sepnin’s past performance – that this study, multipurpose product will do well! Check out one reviewer’s video on the product page for a good look around.

Best Choice Stroller / Trailerbest convertible dog stroller trailer

  • Max. Weight: 66lbs
  • Size: (interior) 23″ x 27″ x 22″
  • Materials: polyester and mesh on steel frame

Built around a steel frame the sturdy ‘Best Choice’ Stroller converts easily into a dog bike trailer by repositioning the front wheel and folding out the tow bar tucked away under the chassis (tools not required). The stroller/trailer comes with air-filled tyres (19”) and suspension for more comfort and stability. More comfort for your pet comes in the form of a soft cushion which is removable and washable. The canopy is made from water-resistant polyester which frame mesh vents and zipped openings for boarding. Other extras include a universal bike hitch, pockets, a 2-in-1 bug screen and, for peace of mind, reflectors, a safety flag and a lockable brake. When used in stroller mode the handlebar height is adjustable, and when not in use at all the design can be easily folded down to stow. This is a nice, versatile product which comes with many added extras. The one thing that seems to be missing (if so desired) is a safety leash but this can easily be added. A very popular product with excellent reviews! (see also the very similar ‘Giantex’ trailer / stroller further down this page.)

Giantex Pet 2-in-1 Trailergiantex pet jogger stroller trailer

  • Max. Weight: 66lbs
  • Size: (overall) 51.2’’ x 31.5’’ x 40.2’’(L X W X H)
  • Materials: 600D Oxford cloth on steel frame

The first thing that has to be said about this product is that it is mighty similar to the ‘Best Choice’ stroller/trailer (which is no bad thing!) listed further up this page. It might well be a rebadged version of the other or vice versa. It is, however, cheaper than its look-a-like at the time of writing and so we thought we’d list it anyway and review it on its own merits… The Giantex offers good value for money coming, as it does, with features that don’t always appear on much more expensive trailers and strollers. The cabin is well built, consisting of a shock-absorbing tubular steel frame draped with 600D Oxford cloth and plenty of mesh for good ventilation. It sits upon large 20” rear wheels and a 12” front wheel when in pet stroller mode. As mentioned before, the trailer comes with nice added extras such as a locking hand brake, suspension and a fold away hitch coupler, which makes conversion between trailer and stroller (and back again) easy to perform. The Giantex also comes with storage pockets, reflectors, a safety flag and weather screen. Very good reviews thus far! This looks to be a great little convertible stroller for the price!

Sepnin 2-in-1 Dog Stroller / Trailerdog trailer and stroller

  • Max. Weight: 66lbs
  • Size: (interior) 26.77″ x 17″ x 20″
  • Materials: mesh/vinyl on steel frame

Another nice medium-sized convertible design from Sepnin! Based on a steel structure, the cabin sits upon a PE board with an anti-slip floor which, in turn, rest upon 16” rear wheels. When used as a stroller, a 12” front wheel is also employed and the conversion between trailer and stroller (and back again) is fairly easy with no tools required. (The tow bar, which comes with an 11mm bike hitch, folds away underneath the cabin when not in use.) The distinctive swept-back handlebar is a good design feature that allows for longer strides to be taken when used as a stroller or jogger. This cabin has a front and rear entrance/exit, the former of which comes with a weather shield. It has enough mesh for good ventilation and the whole structure can be easily folded down for transport or storage. This Sepnin also includes reflectors, a safety flag, a restraint hook and leash and is currently available in four colors.

Zeny 2-in-1 Convertible Strollerzeny dog bike trailer and stroller

  • Max. Weight: 66lbs
  • Size: (interior) 31.5″ x 22″ x 23.5″
  • Materials: mesh/polyester on steel frame

Currently available in two colors – red and blue – this affordable and convertible ‘dog’ trailer / stroller is built around a steel frame and cloaked with a water resistant polyester fabric. The cabin sits on 19” rear wheels and a 9” front when employed as a stroller. Considering the price, the Zeny does come with a lot of extras that some of its more expensive counterparts often don’t. These extras include: suspension; a parking brake; a bike hitch; a safety flag; reflectors and a weather shield. On the downside, however, it may be more difficult than some to assemble and, looking closely, it does appear to us that it may in fact be a child trailer! If so, this is fine so long as it can be readily converted for the comfort and safety of a pet (see our child trailers for dogs guide). Very average customer reviews at the time of writing.

Croozer Small Dog Trailer / Strollercroozer mini combined dog trailer and stroller

  • Max. Weight: 100lbs
  • Size: (interior) 36″ x 24″ x 15.5″
  • Materials: fine mesh on metal frame

This 2-in-1 Mini dog trailer from Croozer converts to a stroller and back again without the use of tools, and is also easy to collapse down for storage or travel. Front or rear zipped openings are available for entry and exit and very fine, anti-insect mesh is employed throughout. Other nice features comprise of a parking break, a rear storage pocket and small, but chunky, pneumatic tyres (16”). Also included are a safety flag, tether eyelet and axle-mounted bike hitch. The cabin has a neat look about it and stands out well with its bright orange color scheme which matches the flag. Do bear in mind, however, that the trailer’s named ‘Mini’ for a good reason. Its dimensions are just that and so it is only really suitable for similarly mini breads of dogs and/or puppies. Croozer are a well-known manufacturer of trailers but their prices aren’t, sadly, amongst the lowest. This is probably a contributing factor to their lack of popularity on Amazon. So far, at the time of writing, the Croozer Mini has very mixed reviews.