Dog Bike Baskets for Pedaling Pooches

A dog bicycle basket makes a great alternative to a trailer when it comes to transporting small pets. The prices of doggy bike baskets are generally much lower than those of trailers and so they are an option worth considering if you want to travel with a small sour-legged friend!

Colorful Dog Bike Baskets

Max. Weight: 11lbs
Size: (exterior) 13.78″ x 10.63″ x 10.24″ (approx.)
Materials: aluminum frame and 600D poly


A range of bicycle baskets (four at the time of writing) all of which feature colorful designs with the exception of a completely black version. These baskets can double up as small carriers or shopping bags if needed and feature extra pockets for any lightweight accessories you may wish to take along with you also.

The basket structure is based around an aluminum frame which is simply clamped to a suitable bike’s handlebar via a heavy duty plastic bracket. Waterproof fabric is employed for the basket itself which also features a drawstring canopy for extra protection from the weather and/or as a form of restraint for a fidgety passenger!

The prices for all of the designs are amongst the cheapest you will find and the reviews are mainly good. There are, however, some customers who question the overall sturdiness of the product. The reviews, good and bad, are worth reading.

Affordable Pet Bicycle Basket

Max. Weight: 11lbs
Size: (exterior) 13.5″ x 10″ x 10.5″ (approx.)
Materials: aluminum frame and 600D poly


Like dog bicycle trailers, dog bicycle baskets are come in at all different prices – high and low. This particular basket from ‘GRANDCOW’ is towards the lower end of the price spectrum but, despite this, is getting reasonable reviews.

It is built around an aluminum frame, from which is suspended a 600D waterproof polyester basket. Rather than a leash attachment, a top drawstring cover encloses the body of a pet below, helping to keep it dry, warm and safe whilst allowing the head to pop through and take in the views!

It’s certainly not the best bicycle basket for dogs but that’s hardly surprising considering its price, but for a suitably-sized pet and bike (be sure to read the bike dimensions required) it’s a nice cheap possibility!


Dog Bicycle Basket

Max. Weight: 20lbs
Size: (interior) 14″ x 9″ x 8.5″ (approx.)
Materials: steel frame and mesh

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This pet bike basket (The Travelin’ K9) from ‘Pet-Pilot’ is achieving good early reviews. It’s certainly not the cheapest product of this type on the market but it does offer a few more extras for a little more cost.

The basket connects to the handlebar via a sturdy steel mount with rubber bushings. A front triangular-shaped mesh opening is included in the basket’s design for extra air circulation around the dog’s lower extremities whilst cycling.  Inside, a padded floor (12 x 7”) helps with comfort whilst outside, side mesh pockets are available for convenient little extra items you might to take along for the ride.

Five different colored card inserts allow you to customize the basket’s look but, more importantly, a two point chrome clasped safety leash is included which is designed to attach to a dog’s harness. As mentioned before this basket is a bit of a newbie but so far things look good!

Petsfit Pet Bicycle Carrier

Max. Weight: 10lbs
Size: (interior) 16″ x 12.5″ x 12″ (+11″ with open porch)
Materials: mesh with washable pad

Petsfit are used to making various crates and carriers for our furry friends and so it’s not much of a surprise that they’ve modeled their dog bicycle basket on these other successful products of theirs.

This carrier can be fitted either onto a rear rack or, via the use of straps, to the handlebars of most bikes. Inside, there is a removable and washable pad as well as a clip that can be connected to a dog’s collar or harness. For extra security – presuming the pet is small enough – the roof can be zipped closed with a mesh top and window(s) still providing visibility and air circulation for the diminutive dog inside.

Where the Petsfit really shines, though, is in its diversity of uses. As alluded to above, it can act as a small soft crate, a carrier and even a pet tent with its accordion–style porch area opened up, giving the dog more space to stretch out after his bicycle journey perhaps! The reviews available, at the time of writing, are predominantly positive and it looks like Petsfit have come along with yet another highly functional, versatile and clever product!

Snoozer Pet Rider Seat

Max. Weight: 24lbs
Size: (interior) 15″ x 12″ x 9″ (approx.)
Materials: quilted cover with foam and fleece

If you’re looking for a rear wheel mounted seat for your dog or just a basket capable of holding a heavier hound than most front mounted ones can offer, you might want to consider the Snoozer Pet Rider.

The design looks nice and cosy with a machine-washable black quilt and fleece lining (some small disassembly will be necessary in order to wash) and a reflective visibility strip for added safety. Inside, there is a reinforced plywood base and a strap to connect to a dog’s harness. The whole basket is designed to sit safely, via straps, to a rear bike rack and frame (see the on page video for more information).

Reviews are predominantly good although this might not suit every cyclist or dog – there are negative reviews also! If your dog is a placid and calm creature this might be a good buy. But if your pet is a fidgety passenger then maybe another product would be preferable.

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Baskets

Max. Weight: 13lbs
Size: (interior) 15″ x 11″ x 9.5″
Materials: synthetic rattan lined with faux sheepskin

Currently available in a choice of two designs – an artificial rattan style and a more modern-looking polyester-based silver basket (see below). The ‘Solvit Tagalong’ is a very popular product with hundreds of great reviews!

The weather resistant rattan version is lined with a comfortable faux sheepskin material which can be removed for washing. An adjustable leash is included for safer journeys but there is also a fully caged version (listed separately) for extra caution. The really cute touch, of course, is the little optional canopy which acts as a sunshade.

The modern version comes with an array of extras including pockets, a safety leash, reflective stripe and a shoulder strap enabling it to be used as a pet carrier! Both designs feature a three-way adjustable bracket system allowing them to fit safely to almost any bicycle. As mentioned before – these designs are very popular and their prices are reasonable too!

Tagalong Modern

Max. Weight: 13lbs
Size: (interior) 13.5″ x 10″ x 10.5″
Materials: polyester

The modern silver version has its own nice differences and capabilities. It may not look quite as quaint as its rattan counterpart above but what is loses in old-fashioned style it makes up with modern versatility…

Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket

Max. Weight: 14lbs
Size: (interior) 13″ x 10″ x 10″ (approx.)
Materials: micro fiber

The ‘Snoozer Buddy’ has some nice features that elevate it above some of the basic baskets available. It has several pockets offering good storage options, an inner leash clip and an optional rain cover which keeps a dog’s body dry in wet weather.

The product is made mainly from a durable micro fiber which makes the basket easy to wipe clean and keeps the design lightweight. The Snoozer requires no tools for installation or removal and is proving popular with predominantly good reviews.

All we would point out is that there seems to be some variation in the color schemes according to both previous customers and the product pictures themselves. But pink and black, as the product title indicates, seems to be correct.

DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket for Dogs

Max. Weight: 14lbs
Size: (interior) 13″ x 10″ x 10″ (approx.)
Materials: polyester and nylon with PP and foam board


This is one of the more expensive dog bike baskets currently on the market place, but its versatility does make it a little more tempting. As well as pet bicycle basket it can be used as a pet carrier, bed and car seat and, of course, just as a general use basket!

It attaches to a bike via a ‘KLICKfix’ adapter and attaches to the dog via an internal safety leash. For extra safety a mesh dome can be put in place and on rainy days an included rain cover can be utilized. The Cocoon has durable polyester sides, covered internally by a 70D water-resistant nylon, and a PP base cushioned with foam for comfort.

The Cocoon is currently available in two colors: green (pictured) and red. The reviews are predominantly good and for owners and dogs that would make use of more than one of the Cocoon’s functions its higher than average price might not be off-putting.