dog bicycle trailer GENERAL INFO


This is a brief overview on the function and workings of a bicycle trailer. More specific information is given for each particular item on our product pages. To all intents and purposes we have divided the site in half, focusing mainly on typical dog bicycle trailers and hybrid convertible dog strollers. What we call ‘hybrid strollers’ are, in basic terms, dog strollers that can also be used as trailers and vice versa. Usually this is achieved by the simple removal or repositioning of a wheel and the inclusion/exclusion of a tow bar. Obviously, a hybrid trailer is, therefore, two dog products rolled into one! Dog trailers and strollers may all look pretty similar but there are differences between makes that are well worth considering. The materials used are key factors as they may affect durability and/or a dog’s comfort. Maximum carrying weight and dimensions are equally important things to think about – no matter how good a product is, it’s useless if it’s not big enough for your pet! On top of these things there are many other aspects to ponder before deciding to buy an item. Does the dog trailer have suspension and, if so, is it any good? Is the canopy waterproof and does it include enough mesh or openings for good ventilation? Does it include a safety leash to secure your dog whilst traveling or a safety flag for more visibility when out on the roads? Does the design fold down for storage and if it’s a hybrid, is it easy and quick to convert? As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. On our product pages, however, we aim to quickly and clearly detail the pros and cons about each individual trailer we list. We also include a star-rating system which reflects the reviews of previous customers as well as our own opinions on each item.